Friday, April 25, 2014

Counter Spell Alpha v0.5.7

The Counter Spell Alpha available on the website has been updated!

Lots of changes since the last update.  The biggest difference is probably the new leveling system.  Wizards can now choose their spells as they level!  Spells are classified as Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic.  Everyone starts with the Common spells, and then receives additional spell slots as they level up, with the frequency based on the rarity of the spell.  Also you now get two extra stat points to spend any way you like when you level up.

Donating the relics at the altar now has a chance to give you an uncommon spell book, which can be learned even if you don't have any free spell slots.  Defeating the elite lair mob now has a chance to drop a rare spell book.

I was getting frustrated with the limitations of the current block system so I finally added support for smaller block sizes.  The latest build of the engine now supports block sizes down to 1/8th of the existing block size of one meter.  This new feature is still being tested and is not available on the public alpha yet.

More updates coming soon!

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